Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pumpkin Wreath

This cute pumpkin wreath will help dress up your door for fall. I think it's cute for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. The pumpkins remind me of pie, and I love everything that reminds me of pie.
Another great thing about this wreath base is that I can pull off the pumpkins and put on decorations for other holidays: the pumpkins are attached with straight pins rather than glue, so it's easy to exchange the pumpkins for another decoration, like Shamrocks for Saint Patrick's Day.

I actually started this wreath last year; a friend invited several people over for a wreath making party. It was lots of fun and we tried some new things, including using pipe insulation to form a wreath. This did not work. Pin fail! The wreath, despite the pumpkins being light, sagged a lot and didn't keep its shape. This year I pulled off the pumpkins and bow, and made my own DIY wreath from a pool noodle. So far it's held its form well.

Just as a side note, after making this wreath, I saw that you could buy a small Styrofoam circle from Dollar Tree, ready to be covered and decorated. That's a good option too, although the pool noodle makes a bigger wreath. Also, I already had the pool noodle.


1 pool noodle
Duct tape
3/4 yard white knit fabric
Straight pins
Fabric squares of fall fabrics, cut to 3 x 3 or 4 x 4 inches
Thin sticks for stems


1) Use duct tape to secure the pool noodle into a loop. I used quite a bit, wrapped around several times, to make sure it stayed.

2) Cut the white knit fabric into long strips about 3 inches wide. The knit fabric won't fray. Wrap the strips around the pool noodle until you can no longer see the pool noodle's color. This took about 3 layers. Secure with straight pins.

3) To make the little pumpkins, fill a fabric square with cotton, gather the top together, and trim any excess fabric. Place the stem (stick) inside and then tie with twine. If desired, tie a bow.

4) Using straight pins, attach pumpkins to the wreath. Use burlap to tie a loop and a bow at the top. Then hang  up your wreath and enjoy!

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