Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Easy Slow Cooker Sweet Potato

savory salt and pepper and butter

What to do when your spouse hates a certain food and for some reason you have got to have it? You find an easy way to fix it and eat it all yourself!
Sweet potatoes/yams are that food in my house.

The sweet and savory come together when I eat dark fleshed sweet potato. Cooked long enough, they are so sweet and tender, and just begging for some salt and pepper!

For the traditionalists, you can forgo the salt and pepper and use a spoonful of brown sugar, though I think you should at least try a little of it with salt and pepper.


I just wash the sweet potato, chop it up into a few chunks, leave them in my slow cooker, and come back later. This makes it a no brainer that doesn't use my oven or stove and doesn't need watching. Also, they're very forgiving if you leave it in longer.
4 hours on high
8 hours on low

Fun yam fact: Yams can grow to over 7 feet long (but usually just in the Caribbean where they're from.)

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