Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Wreath DIY

 I miss my bright Christmas decorations, so decided I needed a new wreath for my door.
This was cheap and not hard to make. Although I don't shy away from sewing projects, today's is all hot glued.
Also, my door looks so much more festive.

I actually had all the materials I needed around the house.
You may not have a bunch of 2-1/2 inch pink ribbon at home, but I happened to have an entire 25 yards. At Christmas I bought a very soft fleece blanket for my niece, intending to edge it with ribbon. I saw the spool, figuring it would be just as expensive to buy the big spool as to buy what I needed by the yard.
Well, once getting the package open, I found that, which it's not cheap ribbon, it wasn't exactly right for the-softest-blanket-ever I wanted my niece to have. (She's not my only niece, but she's the one who's obsessed with soft blankets. I love all my nieces. I hope this story doesn't get me into trouble with my other nieces.) So I instead bough satin blanket binding... and had all this left over.

2-1/2 inch ribbon
White fabric--I used white fabric from a T-shirt
Hot glue gun, glue sticks
Sturdy cardboard
Iron (not pictured, and not totally necessary)
Red fabric or ribbon for hanging (not pictured. I used scraps from a knit shirt)

 1. Cut out a large heart from sturdy cardboard. I used a piece of scratch paper to make a pattern for half a heart, then traced and cut it out.
2. Cut out the white fabric 1-2 inches larger than the heart. No need to be too neat.
 3. Neatly glue together. You'll need to make a cut at the top center (pictured).
 4. Because there's a right and wrong side to my ribbon, I ironed it in down the middle, right side in. I made most of my roses from 3 feet lengths of ribbon, but I also used some 4 feet and 2 feet ones for variety.

5. Make your roses by rolling and folding. As you roll, make creases and keep things a little loose. Also, every time you wrap it around, add another drop of hot glue so nothing comes unraveled.
Here is a great Youtube video to help you too!

6. Hot glue your roses to your heart. I like the variety. 

 7. Now I made a few attempts to hang it. I ended up making 2 "tubes" of knit fabric, glued into the tube shape. You may also use red ribbon.
8. Take a 3 inch tube of red fabric and string through a hole you make all the way through your wreath. I think hot glue can't compete with an actual hole for security.
9. Then tie this little loop to a long, 8 inch piece of fabric/ribbon. Loop that too.

 8. Attach to security door with zip ties.
I used a zip tie at the top, and another on the small loop

roses, pink, white, red

I got the idea from a small doorknob version here. Thanks!

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  1. How fun! This is reminding me that I need to make a Valentine's Day wreath. I should get on that, since it's only 2 weeks away.